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Savor dishes from Moroccan Tagine.

Pack your passport, go to Morocco, where slowly cooked dishes of chicken, seafood and lamb, and appetizers full of flavor are the order of the day! Use our cast-iron Tagine Le Creuset to conjure up the views and fragrances of the exotic North African spice market and draw inspiration from our aromatic recipes that guarantee delight to your guests!

What is Tagine?
Tagine is the name given to a traditional, conical pottery pot, used for slow cooking dishes of the same name, whether chicken, lamb, vegetables or grain. The tagine itself consists of two parts, flat, with a low, round bottom, in which vegetables and meat are first stewed, and a conical apex that acts as a condenser in the slow cooking process. The whole dish is left for slow cooking in tagine on the hob or oven, and when the dish is ready to serve, it is served to the table and the lid is removed.

Le Creuset Tagine consists of a cast iron base and a stoneware lid and can be used on any heating plate and oven, making it extremely versatile and satisfying in the kitchen, it is an indispensable Le Creuset cooking utensil in the kitchen.

Why cook with Tagine?
Less clutter and disorder in the kitchen
It's a miracle you can expect in one dish - use it to cook everything, and then bring it to the table and serve it!
The unique condensation process stops all the nutrients from the ingredients in each dish.
Exotic inspiration
Delight your guests with the taste of something from distant countries - remember to complete the right seasonings before you start your culinary journey!
Hot-cooked taste
The delicate process of cooking in tagine means that there is much more flavor.

Tagine of Le Creuset is the perfect symbol for a kitchen that shares Le Creuset's love for food, drink and hospitality - in Morocco it's a habit - to gather and eat together with tagine, using pieces of bread to collect fragrant, spicy meat, vegetables and sauce.

The very thinking about Moroccan food evokes the vision of this warm-filled North African country whose cuisine reflects the diverse influences of colonizers over thousands of years. Despite a long and diverse history, including the conquest of the Phoenicians and then the Romans, invasions by Vandals, and then the Visigoths, Byzantines and the first conquest of the Muslim North African coast, the Berber residents in the high mountains inside of Morocco remained disobedient.

And it is from these Berbers that we get a tagine, a conical cooking and serving dish, which is highly valued today for simmering meat or vegetables, until the fat and richly tasty goulash appears. The same stew usually shows the exotic traces of each of the Moroccan invaders: most recipes contain spices and dried fruits such as dates or apricots, as well as sweet and sour combinations of flavors introduced by the Arabs; The Moors introduced olives and citrus; the Jewish Moors introduced sophisticated techniques for preserving lemons and pickles that are so common ... and the list goes on.

The fabulous cone-shaped tagine not only looks great - it's a really clever, effective way to slowly cook even hard meat until it becomes soft in the mouth. Although the tagins were traditionally clay vessels used by smoldering charcoal, the combination of Le Creuset with a cast iron base and stoneware lid creates the perfect cooking environment - the cast iron base ensures uniformly distributed heat that is retained by the metal, while the cool walls of the high stoneware cover allow for adding the smallest amount of liquids to the raw ingredients; The steam produced during cooking condenses in front of the cool walls of the stoneware lid to flow back down the gently cooking ingredients, keeping them juicy and moist and the delicate even the hardest pieces of meat.

You can also use them on any type of plate, including ceramic, electric, gas and induction or in the oven. Choosing bright enamels makes our tagins look as exotic as the delicious meals you make in them.

Making tagine is easy and requires very little work from the cook - all you do is pack in ingredients, pop on the lid, and then let the tagine from Le Creuset do the job. Here are our top tips and tips for success:
  • Tagine works both as a cooking utensil and as a serving dish. Do not mix food while cooking, so carefully stack the ingredients to get an attractive table presentation.
  • Add all ingredients - both meat and vegetables - at first, then do not interrupt the cooking process by lifting the lid to check the food; do this only to check the liquid level at the end of cooking.
  • If you have little time to prepare, you can first fry the meat in brown.
  • Less water is needed when cooking in tagine, because the cone-shaped peak condenses steam and returns to the vessel. If you make a mistake by adding too much, you will have to reduce the sauce on the hob at the end before serving.
  • Be patient - it is slow cooked food at its best.

To create authentic Moroccan tagine, you should obtain these spices:
  • Ginger - dried or fresh
  • Dried cumin - cumin is such an inseparable part of Moroccan food that it is usually served as a spice next to salt and pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppers and chilli peppers - especially for tomato-based dishes
  • Cinnamon
  • Saffron
  • A mixture of Ras l'hanout spices - made from 20 to 40 spices
  • Cardamom - usually used in dairy desserts
  • Sesame seeds
  • cloves

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